50by40 engages in events around the world to help shape the narrative of the global food system and redirect its focus to one that is fair, healthy, and compassionate. Together with our partners, we actively participate in regional, national, and international efforts to bring about positive changes in the way we eat, creating global impact through collaboration and leadership. We also host events in areas that are important yet underrepresented, offering a diverse, global perspective on issues that shape the food system.

Past Events

Open Dialogue on Unsustainable Livestock and Its Alternatives


50by40 was honoured to be an invited presenter at this event held in Bogor, Indonesia, with participants from Kyrgyzstan, Russia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Armenia, and the Philippines. Indigenous peoples gathered with members of civil society organisations and community groups to share experiences and strategise on ways to reduce the impacts of an unsustainable production model that destroys ecosystems and communities while increasing the resilience of alternative models that sustain the livelihoods of peasant farmers and protect biodiversity.

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United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP25


50by40 was an active participant in this global assembly and engaged in myriad ways, including: promoting and attending a partner side-event and press conference; organising a private dinner for 30 policymakers and youth and civil society members from more than 17 countries to discuss equitable food system transformation from perspectives of the global majority; continuing dialogue with five top agroecology groups to consider different perspectives and better align our messaging and future advocacy efforts; facilitating the release of a letter signed by more than 50 scientists urging climate ministers to ‘peak livestock’ and mobilising endorsement by 29 partners of the letter’s recommendations; and co-organising an event at the Resilient Frontiers pavilion with our partner SLYCAN Trust, featuring two secretariat members and partner Compassion in World Farming and looking forward to a sustainable and climate-friendly future.

As well, our Global Director represented 50by40 at a press conference on diets, organised by our partner ProVeg International, and on a panel on food systems at the Global Climate and Health Summit, which took place adjacent to COP25.

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