About Us

Industrial animal agriculture and intensive farming practices are destroying the environment, contributing to climate change, and harming public health.

But we can fix this broken system.

Our food systems need to be fair, healthy, and compassionate.

50by40 is a network of international organisations that support agents of change under the theory of collective impact. This is where stakeholders from various backgrounds and sectors come together to solve a specific problem—such as improving the global food system. Through this, we aim to reduce the production and consumption of meat and other animal products by 50% by 2040 whilst ensuring that 100% of the remaining production is environmentally and socially sustainable.

The global food system is often left out of discussions and strategies for a better future, yet the overwhelming majority of agricultural land—77%—is used for raising and feeding animals for human consumption. These practices damage the environment and our communities and increase the risk to public health.

Creating Networks

We bring together like-minded advocates, creating uniquely diverse partnerships. 50by40 synergises collaboration between international, national, and regional stakeholders, strengthening their work to reduce animal consumption and accelerate improved agriculture.

Facilitating Movements

We tackle the complex and interconnected nature of global food systems by building bridges and enabling discourse between diverse social justice movements, expanding the scope of their work. This helps build a stronger and wider global movement so we may advocate for changes in food systems.

Catalyzing Change

We accelerate change by improving access to sector-specific grants, bringing together movement leaders and donors from different sectors in order to coordinate strategies, prioritise gaps, and deploy funding to strengthen and sustain the global food systems transition.

Vision and Mission

We are committed to achieving our goal of a 50% reduction in the global production and consumption of farmed animal products by 2040.

Core Principles

We are driven by our principles of being global, inclusive, diverse, innovative, equitable, transformative, and futuristic.

Our Team

Our team brings together a wide range of expertise from various sectors to construct a fair, healthy, and compassionate food system.


We are a global team dedicated to improving the world’s food system. Search for open opportunities with us now.

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