Vision and Mission

The global food system is often left out of discussions and strategies for a better future, yet the overwhelming majority of agricultural land—77%—is used for raising and feeding animals for human consumption. These practices damage the environment, our communities, and increase the risk to public health.

Our food systems need to be fair, healthy, and compassionate.

50by40 is championing comprehensive change in global food systems and leading the charge. We collaborate with partners from a wide swathe of sectors, from vastly different backgrounds, yet wholly dedicated in their missions to improve the ways food is produced and consumed. We support their efforts and continue to expand our inclusive and diverse network of organisations from around the world, amplifying their voices, and enhancing their ability to achieve the goals.

Our Vision

A 50% reduction in the global production and consumption of farmed animal products by 2040, with the remaining production systems being environmentally and socially sustainable, regenerative and humane, achieved via a Just Transition of the farming system.

Our Mission

To convene and lead a global cross-sector stakeholder group to catalyse and augment efforts to achieve significant reductions in the most unsustainable forms of animal production and consumption through awareness raising, advocacy, and campaigning.

What We Do

We use multiple strategies to support our partners to help improve global food systems.


We partner with international and regional stakeholders from diverse sectors and movements.

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