Our global team is passionate about shaping a fairer, more compassionate food system.

Together, we combine expertise in sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, climate policy, and multinational engagement. 

Meet Our Team

Lasse Bruun

Chief Executive Officer

Lasse is an expert in climate and energy, sustainable agriculture, social justice and animal rights advocacy, with twenty years experience in development, mobilisation, communication, campaigning, and movement building.

Arturo Jose Garcia

Head of Operations

AJ has over fifteen years of international experience in food systems, senior management, public awareness campaigning, public relations, animal rescue, protection and advocacy, and undercover investigations.

Charlotte Fletcher - Senior Vice President of Develeopment

Charlotte Fletcher

Senior Vice President of Development

Charlotte has worked in the field of global philanthropy and major gifts fundraising for over 15 years and during that time has worked across the USA, Asia, Europe and the UK, securing transformational funding for a wide variety of civil society organisations.

Emily Hennessee

Interim Special Advisor to the CEO

Emily has over 10 years of nonprofit experience working at the intersection of food systems, climate, and public health. She utilizes her background in policy, strategy, and program implementation to create healthy, climate-friendly, and equitable food systems for all.

Ieva Galkytė

Special Advisor to the CEO (on temporary leave until January 2023)

Ieva has more than a decade of professional and voluntary experience at local and international nonprofits and public bodies, focusing on strategies that elevate the voices of the vulnerable, and different avenues to achieve social justice.

Nayomie Prasad

Communications Manager

Nayomie has near a decade of experince working and voluneteering at the intersection of climate change, farmer development and animal rights for organisations in the U.K and US as well as grassroots organisations in India.

Pavitra Krishnan

Programmes Associate

Pavitra is passionate about leading a more sustainable lifestyle and making the world a just and equitable place for all living beings, and has experience of working in both the animal and human rights space.

Shweta Sood

Head of Programmes

Shweta has a decade of experience in networking, campaign management, marketing, and content creation. She has led diverse teams across a range of programmes, and built initiatives in advocacy and research, and established social grassroots networks.

Anna Zabezsinszkij

Development Volunteer

Anna has over 8 years of experience working in and for the plant-based movement. She has been helping startups, NGOs and established businesses to lift off by leading the launch of plant-based alternatives and campaigns Globally, in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Victoria Papeskov

Programmes Volunteer

Victoria is passionate about learning and working in the area of food and water security. She is working towards a career focusing on sustainable development and food systems transformations, in the hope of contributing to a lasting societal change.

Our Partner Advisory Council guides our strategic focus and includes decades of collective experience analysing and advocating for a fairer global food system.

Meet Our Partner Advisory Council

Dr. Barbara Sattler

Professor, MPH Department at University of San Francisco School of Education

Dr. Sattleris a founding and current Board member of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) is an organisation that is helping to integrate environmental health, including climate change, into nursing education, practice, research, and policy/advocacy.

Catalina Lopez

Director, Aquatic Animal Alliance

Catalina is the Director of the Aquatic Animal Alliance, the coalition of organisations that are working around the globe to reduce the suffering of aquatic animals. Catalina is a Veterinarian from Colombia, and she currently resides in Mexico City.

Fletcher Harper

Executive Director, GreenFaith

Rev. Harper is an Episcopal priest and the Executive Director of GreenFaith, a global multi-faith climate and environmental justice network.

Jens Tuider

International Director and Special Advisor to the CEO, ProVeg International

Jens is a lecturer on animal ethics at several colleges in Germany, and leads an interdisciplinary working group on animal ethics at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Martina Stephany

International Director Farm Animals and Nutrition, FOUR PAWS

Martina Stephany leads a team of international activists, experts and policy advisors working to end factory farming and create a just food system.

Mónica Guerra Rocha

Founder and Director, Comida do Amanhã

Monica is the Founder and Director of Instituto Comida do Amanhã, a think tank supporting the transitions toward healthy and sustainable food systems in Brazil. She has more than 10 years of experience working on the sustainable development agenda, with a focus on urban development and food systems transformation from a holistic perspective.

Monique Mikhail

Senior Strategist, International Food & Forest campaign, Greenpeace

Monique has more than 15 years experience working on food, agriculture, and environmental issues, including political advocacy in Washington, D.C., and the Stockholm Environment Institute.


HEAD OF CAMPAIGNS, Feedback Global

Natasha is a multilingual policy and campaigns professional with 15 years experience of UK, EU, and global governance processes. She oversees the work on aquaculture, industrial livestock, sugar and food waste.

Lisa Archer

Director, Food and Agriculture Program, Friends of the Earth U.S.

For nearly two decades, Lisa has developed and led successful science-based corporate accountability, markets, policy, public education, and organizing campaigns focused on environmental health and justice.


Work with an international team to bring about a positive and far-reaching shift in the way we produce, consume, and view food on a global scale.

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