Why 50by40

We can achieve a better global food system when we embrace monumental social and environmental change. We must reduce and shift the production and consumption of animal products that are ruining our planet, our health, and our communities—but how do we do that?

50by40 is the Answer

For decades, little attention has been paid to how we raise animals and produce food. The rise of automated production and the need to feed the growing global population have led to lower food standards, and, today, we are witnessing a rapid rise of meat and dairy consumption, along with an increase in industrially farmed animals in the Global Majority. Despite this downward trajectory, pressure on governments to move away from exploitative systems and ensure a Just Transition is absent.

Though there are numerous organisations working to reduce the production and consumption of animal products, they tend to collaborate mostly with groups within their own sectors and, oftentimes, within their own regions. By limiting their partnerships to organisations similar to themselves, opportunities for cooperation and synergy are diminished and strategies cannot benefit from diversity and novel ideas.

To bring about transformative change, we must step outside of our boxes and embrace a truly multistakeholder, global effort.

Indeed, the time for such a change is now. The demand for political, economic, and financial improvement towards fair systems is growing each day, and individuals are increasingly calling for alternatives to conventional meat, eggs, and dairy. In response, the food industry is beginning to explore and supply plant-based foods, governments are starting to pass climate-conscious policies, and nonprofit organisations are addressing the issues at depth.

We must come together and work side by side with advocates from myriad sectors all fighting for the same collective goal of transforming the global food system.

50by40 is the catalyst for constructive change and productive partnerships.

We are an international organisation that breaks down barriers between stakeholders and supports agents of change under the theory of Collective Impact. This is where stakeholders from various backgrounds and sectors come together to solve a specific problem—such as improving the global food system. Through this, we aim to reduce the production and consumption of meat and other animal products by 50% by 2040, whilst ensuring that 100% of the remaining production is environmentally and socially sustainable

Our Network

50by40 collaborates with organisations around the world, each transforming the global food system.

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