Global Majority Programme

Redistribution of power, increased access to financial resources, and smart knowledge-sharing platforms are  crucial to equitably transforming the global food system

50by40’s Global Majority Programme1 brings together diverse stakeholders working towards transforming the food systems of countries of the Global Majority.

Faced with a dual problem of food and nutritional insecurity on one hand and rising obesity and lifestyle diseases on the other,  the steep rise in industrialised animal agriculture in countries from the Global Majority is exacerbating the worst effects of climate change in these regions.   

Despite efforts of various civil society organisations to ensure inclusion of a diversity of voices from the Global Majority, global conversations around food systems issues are still dominated by the Global North. For a long time, countries from the Global Majority have also been relatively underfunded compared to their Northern counterparts.

At 50by40, we believe that the process of food systems transformation can be considered fair and sustainable only if it includes all those involved.

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How is 50by40 involved?

At 50by40, we recognise the urgent need to bring food systems issues from the Global Majority to the forefront of public discourse.

Our Global Majority Programme primarily seeks to:

  • Build Access to Funds: Increase access to funds through small grants for partners, sharing information on external grants as well as providing support in grant writing and proposal development as and when required.
  • Access to Knowledge: Enable cross-learning and knowledge sharing around food systems issues in the Global Majority through our working groups.
  • Increase Representation: Convene global dialogues and regional events as well as work on amplifying both our current and future Global Majority partnerships to ensure equitable representation from the Global Majority.

The programme has already drawn interest from organisations working across India, China, Brazil, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Philippines and others. You can check the complete list of organisations working in the Global Majority here.

We are actively seeking to grow our partner network and collaborate with organisations working in the Global Majority.  Through our work in the region, we hope to build a movement towards food system transformation that is just, equitable and sustainable. If you are an organisation working in the Global Majority, write to us here to explore collaborative opportunities.

Highlights from the Programme

1Previously known as the Global South Programme

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