Working Groups

Our working groups tackle the most relevant and pressing issues of the day and unify our partners so we can best share knowledge, create and execute campaigns, and increase our collective impact.

Climate Change

The world is already feeling the devastating effects of climate change, and improving the global food system is one of the very few ways to stop it. 50by40 and our partners create hard-hitting campaigns and meaningful projects that shift public opinion and develop actionable government policy to bring about tangible, long-lasting change.


By speaking with one unified voice, our message is amplified. With our partners, 50by40 creates strategic communications that speak across sectors. We make the best use of all forms of media to ensure our message is heard around the world.

Corporate Engagement

Corporations are key players in the global food system, which means that any positive change we can achieve in their policies will have a massive impact on our world. With our partners, 50by40 continues to develop and fine-tune an ever-evolving arsenal of strategies and methods to improve and expand corporate engagement.

Early Action Network

The Early Action Network is a global network working within the education and school lunch systems with the aim to reduce the consumption of animal products. A coalition of many organisations, the network assists with strategy development and shared resources to support veg-friendly eating and food awareness education.


Indisputably, animal agriculture is detrimentally linked to public health. By building a better global food system, 50by40 and our partners work to protect and improve regional, national, and international public health to benefit us all.

Just Transition

Animal agriculture is arguably one of the biggest issues of our time. 50by40 is working toward a Just Transition in animal agriculture in order to ensure a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable global food system.

Global Majority

The problems of an unfair food system is only intensified in the Global Majority. In order to build a truly sustainable future food system, 50by40 is working with organisations across the Global Majority to ensure it is fairer for farmers and supports poor communities around the world.

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