Widespread understanding of the diverse issues surrounding global food systems is limited. Often, messaging is confusing, varied and ineffective, weakening the collective ability to build a strong understanding of the importance of improving global food systems.

We must build effective methods of communicating our messaging to highlight the urgency, reality, and gravity towards creating better global food systems.

With our partners, 50by40 is retelling the story in new ways and sharing impactful solutions that will allow us to transform the global food system.

We work with our partners from around the world to explore and implement communication methods that enhance our collective reach and build consistency and trust. By utilising our partners’ specialised skills, we create non-traditional collaborations that amplify and provide a constant flow of communications and messaging about improving the food systems space. 

The larger Communications Working Group convenes in sub-groups, generating ideas for individual and collaborative action that can then be funded over the long run. This makes sub-groups the ideal place to germinate new ideas and expand work in unexplored pathways.

Global Majority Communications

There is little communication that truly reflects the issues faced in the Global Majority, distorting the narrative. Furthermore, the food system is particularly fragile in the Global Majority, especially in relation to health, nutrition, and workers rights.

Through this project, we bring the issues unique to food systems in the Global Majority to the fore and work to amplify our voice in the region.

Workers Rights

For far too long, workers in the food system have been mistreated and denied nearly all rights. With the help of our partner organisations, 50by40 shines a light on these harsh realities and creates strategies to amplify the voice of organisations speaking out to improve and protect workers’ rights.

Narrative Building

Consistent, strong messaging is imperative to the success of any movement. The narrative building sub working group creates a uniform narrative of the urgency to achieve 50by40 by building resources that promote recognition and usage beyond social change institutions.

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