Corporate Engagement

Increasingly, businesses are recognising their impact on the global food system and starting to make decisions based on an increased awareness of their environmental, societal, and ethical footprints.

This shift—slow in coming but much welcomed—is being guided in part by changes in consumer habits. In response to heightened demands for more plant-based products, retailers are providing more shelf space, restaurants and food service are expanding their menus, and investors and innovators are improving product quality, availability, and affordability to satisfy growing numbers of consumers. However, we are still in the early stages. Civil society is a key component in the shifting attitudes of businesses, and more work is needed to adjust corporate attitudes and foster lasting change.

50by40 convenes our partners to develop best practices for corporate engagement, drawing on extensive and expansive experiences from around the world. Our strategy of engaging directly with businesses moves us one step closer to achieving a more fair, just, and compassionate food system.

The Corporate Engagement Working Group develops impactful relationships and networks between our partners and businesses, which lead the charge in changing the corporate environment, as well as corporate policies. 

By working together, 50by40, our partners, and collaborating businesses are normalising plant-based diets and reducing dependence on animal products.

Civil society is demanding more from the food industry—more nutrition, more sustainability, more welfare-friendly practices, more rights for workers, and more environmental responsibility—and businesses are showing they are willing to change. 50by40 is there to encourage and push the conversation.

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