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Most current plant-based, environmental, and animal advocacy efforts focus on adults. However, the very attitudes and behaviours that have created this unhealthy, unsustainable, and inhumane food system are a result of prolonged learning and habituation which starts early in life.

50by40’s Early Action Network is a collaborative effort with ProVeg International and Educated Choices Program. The network creates connections and partnerships, builds professionalism, shares experiences and knowledge, and promotes advocacy for more healthful, sustainable diets for children and adolescents.

We must work collaboratively to improve awareness about the global food system’s harrowing effects on the environment and trumpet the vital role of plant-based diets.

By reaching young people at an early age, we can help them establish long-lasting attitudes and behaviours that support the humane treatment of animals and plant-based food.

Our initiative normalises plant-based diets and empowers young people to understand that animal-free eating is an effective solution to many of the global concerns we face today. We teach youth why and how to break their dependence on meat, eggs, and dairy, and eat healthier.

Through the Early Action Network, we reach children around the world, within the schooling system, and also directly in communities. We hold interactive events on health, the environment, school campaigns, education, and animal welfare; disseminate educational resources, training programmes, and templates to improve school food menus; and assist organisations with strategy development, resources, and access to experts.

50by40 is building a worldwide community of organisations and experts to support this project to expand its global reach.

Visit our Early Action Network site for more information.

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