What We Do

Transforming the global food system requires diverse strategies, broad and expert knowledge, capacity building, and, most importantly, dedicated stakeholders from varied backgrounds all working towards a collective goal. It is for this reason 50by40 was created. We build an international network of organisations all fighting for a fair, healthy, and compassionate food system.

Working Groups

Reinventing the wheel is ineffective and inefficient. 50by40 has at its disposal the tremendous expertise of staff and partners, enabling us to facilitate the sharing of knowledge through workshops and working group discussions. Our experts collaborate, germinate, and debate ideas, share information and experiences, create campaigns, and unify efforts to increase our collective impact and global reach. We also invite interested partners to start their own initiatives that we then support where useful. We foster capacity building for our partners from around the world through a number of initiatives that focus on relevant and current challenges.


50by40 takes an active role in international and regional events surrounding our global food system as an organiser, a supporter, or a participant. Doing so provides us the opportunity to harness knowledge, join existing activities, support new projects, ensure events are environmentally sound and animal friendly, and, importantly, amplify the discussion on how to improve the global food system.

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