How do we engage with strategic partners?

Published 13/09/2019

As such, these organisations form the tactical and practical backbone for the work of 50by40. They delegate their staff to implement the real work, and engage proactively in specific working groups – collaborative areas of interest for multiple partners. These include issues like climate change, health, corporate engagement, communications, South-North cooperation, and more.

Decision Making

Some partners might be more active than others, and there may be projects where particular partners choose to be ‘dormant’.  Regardless of engagement, all partners hold the same decision-making power and influence within 50by40. Each organisation gets one vote, no matter the amount of staff or budget.

Beyond the viewpoints of individual groups themselves, 50by40 seeks to maintain an overall balance of perspectives, ensuring representation and equal weight is given to the different cause areas under the scope of 50by40. The partners are 50by40.

Criteria for Existing and Potential Partners

The complexity of the global food system and the broad scope of 50by40 should allow broad inclusion, especially since 50by40 is less about providing judgment over different individual approaches, and more about providing a unity of direction and purpose.

All groups and associations are welcome (private, public, etc.) as long as their agenda is compatible with and contributes to 50by40.  This implies, organisations whose mission would be advanced by a reduction in industrial animal agriculture and alignment with the following strategic cornerstones:

How We Work

The 50by40 Secretariat is a small team of motivated individuals who are collectively responsible for onboarding new partners, as well as coordinating the network, facilitating working groups, and managing a transparent granting process. They are resources to the partners for any questions, feedback, or ideas to improve our methods.

The Secretariat organises bimonthly network calls, supports the working groups as needed, and shares a biweekly newsletter with partner updates, relevant events and ways to engage, and pertinent news items. The working groups are often led by partner organisations specialising in a specific field of work, and decide on their own how often to meet, and how to carry out their work with close facilitation from the secretariat.

50by40, through its funding partners, also provides grants to partner proposals that work towards our shared goal. We also seek to leverage larger funding opportunities through outreach to major philanthropic entities that have not previously (or significantly) given in this space.

Join Us

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