Towards a fair, healthy, and compassionate food system

50by40 is a coalition of organisations dedicated to cutting the global production and consumption of animal products by 50% by 2040

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“50by40 is uniquely positioned to fast track individual and systemic change that reduces global consumption of animal-sourced foods, especially among the world’s high consuming populations. Facilitating multi-sectoral cooperation and resource-sharing, 50by40’s precise and practical approach is critical to staving off an onslaught of climate catastrophes, food shortages, and pandemics.”

Dawn Moncrief, President – A Well-Fed World

“50by40 is a valuable hub for meat reduction organizations looking to collaborate on the issue from multiple perspectives. GFI has already benefited from the rich network of partner organizations and knowledge sharing.”

Alison Rabschnuk, Director of Corporate Engagement – The Good Food Institute

“Our dietary choices cannot be made in isolation – what we eat affects our planet and all life on the planet. 50by40 gives us a collective platform to support a sustainable diet of plant-based foods, essential to mitigating climate change and helping to preserve our planet’s biodiversity and wildlife.”

Jennifer Leung, Climate Policy Director – Wild Aid

“50by40 gives people of diverse faiths a chance to adopt lifestyles, advocate, and mobilise for a future in which animals are treated with the respect that all sentient creatures deserve, and in which the Earth and all people benefit accordingly.”

Fletcher Harper, Executive Director – GreenFaith

“Breaking our collective love affair with meat is the key to solving the challenges affecting the world today. We are delighted to participate in a collaborative attack on this global challenge.”

Neal Barnard, M.D., President and Founder, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


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