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Complex and dynamic, food systems are often interlinked with multiple sub-systems such as trade, health, food security, and more.

Our working groups continuously evolve to respond to the many interfaces within which food systems exist, working towards food security and nutrition for all. With this in mind, we have identified the following key issues within the food systems space that deserve additional representation.

Just Transition

As we move towards a low-carbon society, it is crucial that the rights and livelihoods of farmers and workers, and their families and communities, are secure. 50by40 works to ensure that Just Transition.

Although the need for Just Transition is already recognised and valued in other efforts, such as energy work, it has received little attention thus far when it comes to the global food system. Indeed, workers, especially women, are over exploited and often lack financial security, living paycheck to paycheck. Countries have become overly dependent on long supply chains. At the same time, food is overproduced, wasted, and ineffectively distributed, further spotlighting massive breakdowns in the system.

We know that the route to Just Transition must be equitable, inclusive, and participatory for farmers, ranchers, growers, processors, and other workers across the food supply chain, but little research or discussion has focused on this, creating a gap between modeling scenarios and the on-the-ground realities. We are filling in the blanks and taking the lead.

Taking the first step, 50by40 held an event called ‘A Just Transition within Livestock Production’ in collaboration with the Food Systems Dialogues, bringing together key stakeholders across the globe to discuss how Just Transition can be successfully embedded in the efforts to achieve a secure and nutritious food system.

Global South

The problems of a fragile and unsustainable food system stand strongly intensified in the Global South, with many low to middle income countries facing the effects of increased consumption of meat, growing large public health crises in the forms of widespread malnutrition and obesity, and poor worker’s rights.

When it comes to working on transforming the food system within the Global South, there are challenges specific to that part of our world. It is multicultural, diverse, and made up of many low- to middle-income countries, or LMICs., many countries in the Global South are facing the effects of increased consumption of meat, growing public health crises in the forms of widespread malnutrition and obesity, and poor worker’s rights.

And, although the Global South is primarily involved in the production of goods, whilst the Global North is involved in their consumption, there is a power imbalance between the two regions that are inextricably tied to each other.

Efforts to improve the food system in the Global South need to be generated and implemented in ways that are specific to the contexts of these countries. There is no silver bullet.

50by40 partners with numerous organisations in the Global South, from Brazil to India. We work with them to amplify their voices, create coordinated campaigns, and foster a better understanding of how we can improve global food systems together.

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