The detrimental link between animal agriculture and public health is indisputable.

Strong scientific evidence shows that high intake of animal products may contribute to chronic diseases and increased morbidity, and exposure to elevated levels of air pollution caused by industrial animal production may increase and exacerbate respiratory diseases. Despite this overwhelming, science-based evidence, there is resistance to make meaningful changes—for our own health and that of the planet.

By spotlighting evidence to clearly show that a healthy plant-based diet is associated with better health, and that lower levels of industrial animal production can reduce pollution and the risk of respiratory diseases, we can bolster the narrative on healthy eating in civil society, advocacy and policy.

How can we most efficiently and effectively transition away from animal production and consumption and move towards a plant-based diet? 

With our partners, 50by40 is ensuring that discussion of individual and public health is included within global food system dialogues.

Through this working group, we create a common voice that amplifies the importance food systems have on public health and to attempt to bring this conversation to the forefront of public policy. 

One of the key undertakings of the group includes research to understand and identify key health rationales that should be used to reduce the consumption of animal produce on individual and civil levels. We support partners to use this research to backup their work with defensible, compelling, scientifically sound evidence that encourages healthy eating in their projects and activities. 

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