Gathering industry leaders to discuss and strategise improvements to the global food system is an essential component of creating positive change, but it is only one part of the process. We need to empower and embolden groups so that they have the resources to explore potential collaborations and implement projects.

To achieve this, we connect forward-thinking funders with our partner organisations. This allows us to bring a wide variety of approaches under one umbrella, connect partner organisations working in similar spaces, and engage funders directly with exciting new opportunities. 

50by40 welcomes proposals from partner organisations targeting the reduction of global animal agriculture. Proposals are then reviewed by prospective funders, who determine if and how funds are distributed. This page details key aspects of the grant process.

50by40’s mission is to convene and lead a global cross-sector stakeholder group to catalyse and augment efforts to achieve significant reductions in the most unsustainable forms of global animal production and consumption through awareness raising, advocacy, and campaigning.

Invitations for proposals are limited to 50by40 partner organisations. For information on becoming a 50by40 partner, visit this page.

Currently, all proposals related to social, environmental, and economic drivers towards the reduction of global animal agriculture will be considered. In the future, funding rounds may have a more specific focus.

Proposals may be submitted as either a Full Proposal or an Expression of Interest (EOI). If partners have uncertainty about the viability of a proposal idea, they are invited to submit an EOI to gauge interest from funders.

Once proposals are submitted, they will be briefly reviewed by 50by40 to ensure that they have appropriate scope and adhere to the requirements listed below. Once proposals are approved, they will be slated for publication on the platform on Publish Day.

50by40 uses the WeChangers platform to host our proposal portfolio. The WeChangers platform has been designed to provide a vibrant user experience by providing our partners and funders with a convenient and centralised hub to address all of their granting needs. WeChangers helps 50by40 bring together movement leaders and funders from different sectors to coordinate strategies, prioritise gaps, and deploy funding to strengthen and sustain the global food systems movement.

50by40 hosts quarterly funding rounds. From the start of each round, partner organisations have five weeks to submit proposals for consideration. Submitted proposals are regularly reviewed during this time period to ensure appropriate scope and adherence to listed requirements. At the completion of the submission period, we assess any remaining proposals for one week, culminating in a ‘Publish Day’ where all those approved are published on the platform. Following ‘Publish Day’, funders have six weeks to review proposals, correspond with partners, and make decisions on funding.

Note that any proposals received after the last day of the submission period will not be considered for the current funding round. Proposals submitted before the end of the submission period that require some adjustment prior to publication will be returned to the applicant with feedback, and they will be given a short window to revise and resubmit. This window will not extend past ‘Publish Day’.

The first two funding rounds will occur on the following schedule:

In addition to adhering to the above Requirements, we strongly encourage using generally accepted best practices when submitting your EOI or Full Proposal. We recommend reviewing this Tips for Writing Successful Proposals article to help ensure that you put your best foot forward.

50by40 requires a final report to be submitted to funders within 60 days of the end of the grant term, unless your grant agreement has specified a different due date. This report is separate from any additional information individual funders may request from their grant recipients. You can submit your final report here.

You can find frequently asked questions about 50by40 and our granting process here.


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