50by40 is a truly international organisation dedicated to bringing about positive change in our global food systems. Our team, based around the world, offering regional and international expertise on animal welfare, climate policy, and multinational and multi-sector engagement.

Meet Our Team

Lasse Bruun

Lasse is an advocacy expert and leader in climate and energy, sustainable agriculture, social justice and animal rights, with twenty years experience in development, mobilisation, communication, campaigning, and movement building. Working across sectors and continents, Lasse’s work includes being a Global Project Leader at Greenpeace, an adviser in the Danish Parliament, and Head of Energy Transition at Climate Action Network (CAN). He has led high-level international dialogues, campaigns and projects in Denmark, Czech Republic, UK, France, Netherlands, USA, Japan, Greenland, Brazil, South Africa, India, Lebanon, Russia, Poland, Luxembourg, Romania, and Iceland, as well as EU institutions, FAO, UNFCCC, and the International Whaling Commission. Lasse is a postgrad in Rhetoric and Linguistics from the University of Copenhagen.

Alexa Gnauck

Alexa is an expert in engaging the next generation to create a better global food system. After working in the Educational Outreach Programme of Greenpeace, her journey led her to ProVeg International where Alexa coordinated the International School Programme, gaining a broad insight on different strategies for creating institutional change. This then led to her co-founding the Early Action Network and joining 50by40.

Andrea Learned

Andrea Learned is a marketing, communications, and influencer relations strategist driven by the climate action potential of a plant-based diet. She has consulted with a range of private and public sector clients on sustainability and climate change campaigns. Early in her career, Andrea was recognised as an expert in women’s marketing strategies and co-authored the book Don’t Think Pink

Arturo Jose Garcia

Arturo Jose (AJ) has fifteen years of international experience and ten years in senior management, public awareness campaigns, public relations, and undercover investigations. He has been a leader in the non-profit realm for the last decade, working with animal protection organizations such as CARE (동물권단체케어), Mercy for Animals, and Animal Recovery Mission. Currently, he serves on the board of the World Animal Rescue Fund. In addition to his efforts in the non-profit realm, Arturo was head chef and general manager of Huggers, a plant-based restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. He is also a podcast enthusiast, which led him to create and host the Woke Stutter Podcast to chat with leaders and change-makers about animal protection, social justice, food justice, and how we can do better internally, as a movement.

Brett Thompson

After studying finance and economics at the University of Cape Town, the Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and completing his honours thesis entitled Making an Economic Case for Vegetarianism, Brett went on to work at the Fry Family Food Co., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plant-based alternatives. He has also held senior positions at Beyond Carnism and ProVeg International, garnering more than ten years of experience in animal advocacy.

Caroline Wimberly

Caroline is an expert in the food and nonprofit sector with a strong background in research and advocacy efforts to transform the global food system. She has an AB in Art History from Duke University and a Grand Diplôme from the French Culinary Institute. She worked on international climate change initiatives whilst at Brighter Green, where she conducted research, published policy documents, helped produce documentaries on China’s meat consumption, organised events and strategy sessions around the world (including UNFCCC), participated in networks including USCAN, CLARA, CAN-International, and the Global Forest Coalition; and helped develop the Food and Climate Alliance. From 2014 to 2018, Caroline managed Brighter Green’s China Program, now known as the Good Food Fund.

Chris Wright

Chris studied Geography in Australia and then in Malaysia, investigating community land rights conflicts in Sabah. During this time, he was privileged to learn from community leaders across Borneo and fell in love with the incredibly diverse indigenous food cultures. He is the Founder of Climate Tracker, a global network of 16,000 young climate journalists, and has been collaborating and consulting with different Human Rights and environmental groups for the last 10 years.

Claire Yip

Claire is currently based in London, UK, working as a Senior Associate at Strategy& (PwC)—a global strategy consulting firm. Claire is also a Research Fellow with the Good Food Institute, where she is assessing the feasibility of growth factor manufacturing for cultivated meat, and is a co-founder of Cellular Agriculture UK—an organisation which aims to strengthen the cell-ag ecosystem in the UK.

Chandrima Padmanabhan

Chandrima has more than eight years of specialised expertise in urban adaptation, climate resilience research and policy. She has liaised closely with policymakers, senior government officials, academia, think-tanks and civil society across India, UK, and East Africa, providing policy advice, coordinating multi-stakeholder projects and driving impactful communication. In 2018, Chandrima was nominated as a Local Pathways Fellow by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, for advancing local dialogue, collaboration, and problem-solving around the Sustainable Development Goals.

Daniel Whyte

Daniel holds a Bachelors in English and Literary Studies and has two years of experience working as a freelance journalist in Nigeria. His writings have appeared in Stears Business, African Liberty, HumAngle Media, International Centre for Investigative Reporting, among others. Daniel has also worked as a Domestic Election Observer with Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism and Centre for Democracy and Development. In 2019, he was selected as one of the top hundred young media makers worldwide by British Council Scotland to attend the Future News Worldwide 2019 Conference.

David Pedersen

David graduated from the Copenhagen Business School with a Masters in Philosophy and Business Management and Social Entrepreneurship. Specialising in the culture of meat consumption, the alternative protein market, and animal ethics, he has injected elements and theories of philosophy into practice during his years leading the Meat Free Monday campaign in Denmark and later as Campaign Manager at ProVeg International.

Ieva Galkytė

Ieva has studied at Université Libre de Bruxelles and the University of Montana in the United States, earning a BA in Political Science and an MA in European Studies from Vilnius University. She has more than a decade of professional and voluntary experience at local and international nonprofits and public bodies, focusing on strategies that elevate the voices of the vulnerable, and looks for different avenues to achieve social justice. Originally from Lithuania, she spent six years at the Auxiliary Service of the Order of Malta helping the most vulnerable in society. 

Laura Goetze

Laura has helped start-up organisations reach North American and South-East Asia markets as the Marketing and Events Manager for German Accelerator. Along with 50by40, Laura also works as an International Events Manager, and completed a vocational course as a Psychological Sustainability Coach. Laura is dedicated to creating a just food system for everyone and in combating the climate crisis.

Ritchie Wai

Ritchie studied environmental science and policy and has worked to support rural Tennessee schools and community gardens, and with smallholders to increase agroecological capacity and knowledge. He advocates for greater inter-farm cooperation, researching and developing low-cost and low-complexity temperate climate aquaponics for subsistence, helping with agricultural and residential construction, as well as developing and leading on-farm ag/environmental literacy programming.

Sarabeth Brockley

Sarabeth is an expert in sustainability and partnership management and has helped to build and foster cross-sector partnerships to drive engagement between the private sector and the Sustainable Development Goals whilst at Business for Social Responsibility (BSR). She worked with partners such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, P4G, Winrock International, UNDP, UN Women, and more.

Shweta Sood

Shweta holds a postgraduate degree in English Literature from the University of Delhi and has nearly a decade of experience in networking, campaign management, marketing, and content creation. Formerly working as the Deputy Programmes Director at the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), she led diverse teams across a range of programmes and communications, and built many initiatives in advocacy and research, and established social grassroots networks across 60 cities in India.


Work with an international team to bring about a positive and far-reaching shift in the way we produce, consume, and view food on a global scale.

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