Is Industrialised Livestock the New Coal?

A deep dive into the world of animal agriculture and Just Transition

Animal agriculture is arguably one of the biggest issues of our time. Responsible for at least​ 14.5% of all GHG emissions worldwide, animal agriculture is exacerbating the climate emergency, water crisis, gender divide, biodiversity loss and food-related health disorders.

Why is animal agriculture still not pitted alongside other carbon-intensive industries as a major climate change contributor? Is animal agriculture an exceptional sector which needs a different approach? How do we ensure an equitable transition to fair, healthy and sustainable food systems for all? Can lessons from a Just energy transition help guide the path for the New Coal? 

These were some of the pertinent questions we answered in our interactive panel discussion titled, ‘Is industrialised livestock the New Coal? A deep dive into the world of animal agriculture and Just Transition.’ The event was hosted at the EAT@Home virtual convening on 25 November at 14:00-15:30 UTC.

The event included six expert panelists and drew a crowd of 130 participants from across the globe. For a quick summary of the event, browse through the event report below.

The online event, which was the first of its kind, brought together key stakeholders across the globe to discuss how the Just Transition within livestock production strategy can be successfully embedded in the efforts to achieve a resilient food system. This interactive panel discussion continues this critical conversation forward, identifying pathways to a new food system.  

Watch the Discussion

Is Industrialised livestock the New Coal?

Earlier this year, we hosted a global COVID-19 Food Systems Dialogues event on Just Transition within Livestock Production.

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