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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the reality we live in. From planning scenarios and trends to preventing future pandemics, we are in a deluge of information. As organisations working towards the shared 50by40 goal, we all want to ensure that any statements or articles we publish are backed by strong data points that are both easily understandable and based on good science. 

These factsheets are an attempt to aid partner organisations and allies in doing exactly that. We hope these act as a common resource for diverse communication needs, from creating social media posts to backing policy briefs.

It is important to note that these factsheets are a product of research as well as facts added by partner organisations. They do not in their entirety represent the view held or endorsed by 50by40 or all of its partner organisations. Different organisations have different ideas for the solutions to the broken food system, so not all points will be relevant or appropriate for all organisations. The factsheets hope to represent the diversity of views held and endorsed by different partner organisations. To summarise, it is our effort and hope that all organisations find some facts of value, even if their organisational stance does not agree with all facts mentioned below.


Most factsheets have two parts: general facts and commentary.  Facts are stated first, followed by a separate headline for commentary. There are sections that only include facts, or only include commentary, or both.

General facts include scientific information, building the case for the topic at hand. Commentary includes expert opinion, that is mostly backed by scientific data or refers to common knowledge.

In terms of usage, please be sure to link any fact that is used to appropriate resources (which are listed in the footnote for each point). If possible, take the time to elaborate and back references with other compelling data points, especially when using data from commentary.

We at 50by40 hope this document serves as a helpful tool in all of your COVID-19 communication endeavours and beyond. 

Download the Factsheets

*Please note, the first page of all factsheets is the introductory note and is the same for all documents. 

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