Food curious – Chefs Explore the Ugly Reality behind Industrial Meat

Industrial livestock emits as much greenhouse gases as the entire global transport sector, and scientists are repeatedly calling for global action, establishing the fact that we cannot effectively address the climate crisis without tackling the massive impact industrial meat has on our planet.

This new video series by Greenpeace International exposes the health and environmental consequences we already see today from industrial livestock production. Read more to witness the journey of three chefs in three different parts of the world as they experience first-hand the ugly face of the global factory farming system.

Can “Superbugs” come from food?

The reality behind industrial meat: Can "Superbugs" come from food?

As a parent, the well-known Thai chef Fin is concerned about the food we are serving to our children. Therefore, she seeks to better understand why antibiotics are used so heavily to produce our meat and the severe consequences this is causing. In this video you can follow her encounter with deeply worried scientists and meet a child who became seriously ill from an easily treatable disease because of antibiotic resistance.

What is actually going on in the Amazon Forest?

The reality behind industrial meat: what's happening in the Amazon?

The famous chef Raul, from Masterchef Brazil, has suffered many sleepless nights worried about the horrors of what is happening to the Amazon forest. In this video, you can follow his efforts to look beyond the surface and understand what is really fueling the destruction of the amazing forestland and talk to the people living in the center of the issue, who are forced to fight for their own safety.

Have you heard about something called “The Green Tide”?

The reality behind industrial meat: “the green tides"

After seeing beaches covered in a thick layer of green algae and hearing about people who have mysteriously died on the beach, the famous French chef Victor from Top Chef sets out to understand what is actually happening in the beaches of Brittany. In this video you can follow his investigation into the root cause of a massive algal bloom and meet the people who have lost loved ones linked to what has become known as “the green tide”.

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